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Residential Impact Resistant Windows

Providing Hurricane Safety and Forced Entry Security
Residential hurricane resistant/impact windows

At south florida windows and doors contractor, we offer one-stop shopping for quality window sales, service and installation and we specialize in Residential high impact projects at very competitive prices. We use specially designed materials that are non-corrosive and our windows feature coastal packages that have been designed and tested for Florida's east and west coasts. In addition, all of our products are Metro Dade County tested, approved for both large and small missile impact, and have the highest design pressures.

Hurricane/Impact* windows will:

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Give you year round storm and hurricane protection
  • Provide heat reduction and sound reduction
  • Give you home security protection and peace of mind

*Most insurance companies offer premium discounts for installing new impact windows and doors! And, to give you that extra feeling of security, at south florida windows and doors contractor, we test all of our Hurricane/Impact windows for safety against forced entry, giving you added protection for a great price!

Get more with our VIP Service! We'll be happy to obtain all of the required building permits for you. Plus, our in-house contractor is always standing by for that extra level of customer service.

Hurricane/Impact window frames are available in anodized white or bronze. Custom colors are also available at an additional charge. In addition, we carry all types of glass colors such as clear, grey, bronze, green, azure blue, and solar cool. All manufacturers offer low E and insulated glass.

We take your project from start to completion quickly. That is why we are the leaders in the window and door industry. Call us at 954-714-6800 or contact us online today!